Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm On A Boat (Part 2)

We worked arrivals (kind of) for the second party on the boat. Soooo sleepy now, but I got a nice little video of the submarine. So cute!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Shots

1) The owner of Papa Ninos 2, Pierre, is very excited we came back this year.

2) Us girls outside one of the many adorable restaurants we've visited.

3) Me holding Allison's giant bottle of vodka. Yeah, it's real.

4) Our hotel's LAME 30 euro breakfast buffet.

5) The desk in my room. I am working on 3 simultaneous projects and need to stay organized!!

Le Mesclun

Le Mesclun is a fantastic little french restaurant in Old Town, just a couple minutes off the west end of the Croisette. It's up a windy little street that's lined with adorable restaurants. Those are the tough tables to grab, as each place has only 6-10 tables and dinners last 2-3 hours. We went as a group and had one of the more amazing meals of our stay. I ended up with a celeraic soup with some kind of mushroom garnish, cod with vegetable "paint" (basically puree of beets, celery and carrot, each mixed with butter, that the chef smudged on the plate) and a chocolate lava cake with pistachio gelato. We sipped a white burgundy and thoroughly enjoyed our 2+ hour dinner.

Cannes Cannes!

This year is pretty cool, but EMPTY. Way less people, fewer parties, less money spent overall. The studios who are doing things have scaled back, though there are still the requisite ads at the Carlton Hotel. TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN has a giant Bumblebee statue. UP had a replica of the (cartoon) house and a giant billboard (the space is now covered in fake snow for A CHRISTMAS CAROL). Still just as tacky as ever.... But this year's poster is pretty cool!!!

YAY, check-in!!

So this was my home for 7 hours last night. MUCH more comfortable than last year, this time we had nice weather AND a tent. And some funky floral arrangement... still not sure about that one. It was just sitting there, minding its own business, until Hayden Panetierre showed up and all hell broke loose. A gaggle of paparazzi swarmed her as she walked up the red carpet to check in and one (or more) of the dumba**es managed to completely take out the plant. Completely knocked it over -- roses flying. C'est la vie!

Party crashers

Last night was AWESOME. Had a pretty smooth check-in, nothing too exciting. As usual, a few people who couldn't understand why they weren't on the list because

A) Do you know who I am?!
B) Do you know who my father/brother/agent/bff is?!
C) party host e-mailed me and told me to come (P.S. doesn't happen. ever.)
D) I've been to other parties on this boat.
E) I saw party host at X party and he invited me personally (P.S. he didn't go to that party)
F) All the other parties have let me in.
G) party host said to just show up and call from the dock (P.S. doesn't happen. ever.)

It's ridiculous how hard these "grown-ups" work - and all the lies they tell - just to get into a party. One gal used a friend's legitimate e-mail invite to forge one to herself to look as though it came from us. She spent 20 minutes trying to convince us to let her in, stood around pouting for another 20 minutes, then came back at us threatening that she'd have one of us fired when she spoke to the host tomorrow. My co-worker happily turned over his business card. Oddly, he still has a job.

Some people are stupid enough to try to use other people's names to check in. We require a photo ID from anyone we don't know by sight. It's one thing to try to use random names (agents, managers, etc.) but one dude actually tried to check in under the name of a semi-known race car driver. We knew who the legitimate one was - we looked his photo up the day before online and he had already checked in - but this new dude SWORE that it was him and who the hell had we already let in and how dare we question his legitimacy. We asked him for photo ID, but he said he must have left his wallet at home, but would we accept a business card?

F**k land, I'm on a boat.....

We have all been so obsessed with the SNL digital short, "I'm on a Boat", and have been singing/humming/quoting it for the past week. I don't care if you've already seen it, you must watch it immediately, if not sooner.